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Kiss of the Spider Woman

@ Second Story Repertory

Directed by Billie Wildrick
Music Direction by Brandon Peck
Choreographed by Matthew Lawrence

Lighting by Alyssa Milione,

Costumes by John Allbritton and Carmen Rodriguez,

Sound and sets by The Squolf

Ryan McCabe (Molina)

Sari Breznau (Aurora)

Justin Carroll (Valentin) 

Natalie Anne Moe (Ensemble) 

Carol Richmond (Mother) 

Taylor Richmond (Ensemble)

Jordan Jackson (Ensemble) 

Alana Peters (Ensemble) 

Christine Riippi (Ensemble) 

Rebekah Witt (Ensemble) 

Tobias McCurry (Ensemble) 

Julia Beers (Marta) 

Brad Cook (Warden) 

Anthony Pallozzi (Ensemble) 

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