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Billie lives & thrives at the hot intersection of music & theatre because she loves the ferocity of collaboration & the thick messy texture of live, full-faculty story-telling. Billie believes in directing from the roots up, in the spirit of yes, in the power of ensemble & in humanity above all things.

Productions, Press & Media



@The 5th Avenue Theatre

"Leapin' Lizards, The 5th Ave's ANNIE is a Heartfelt Joyride! ...Director Billie Wildrick has ensured that the message of hope comes through and is never overshadowed by anyone trying too hard to "put on a show". In fact, the whole ensemble, filled with oodles of talent, just looks to be having a blast and it shows and infects the audience giving us hope for a wonderful evening. "

- Jay Irwin @ BWW

"...the 5th Avenue's Annie is sensational... The scenic design (by Beowulf Boritt) is impressive and transporting. The choreography (by Kelli Foster Warder) is amazing—full of unexpected moves and bodily humor that almost reminded me of Fosse...It will not remind you of other productions you've seen... It is a credit to the director Billie Wildrick that all of these elements come together as successfully as they do. In act one I was laughing, and in act two I had tears trembling in my eyes. I had such a genuine human experience with this show, I felt like I was seeing it for the first time." 

- Christopher Frizzelle @ The Stranger

"How many adjectives are you allowed when you praise a musical? Unlimited, if you’re writing about 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of the vintage Broadway musical, “Annie,” which is happily nestled in the theatre’s Christmas show slot.

“Annie” is one of the best musical theater productions this critic has seen in Seattle. Thanks to the talented director, Billie Wildrick, everything about it works perfectly. The cast is fantastic, and the music, scenery and costumes are marvelous. The choreography is terrific. And, as an added bonus, you can hear and understand every word."

- Starla Smith @ The Queen Anne News

"Ms. Wildrick has found a way to breathe new life and fresh energy into an old chestnut of a show, revitalizing its appeal to an audience well familiar with its merits."

- Eric Andrews-Katz @ Equality 365

"The welcoming, flawlessly orchestrated production of “Annie” at The 5th Avenue Theatre is pure joy. The fact that “Annie” remains a timeless powerhouse in audience popularity is no surprise. Accolades to Billie Wildrick’s artistry and sparkle in directing, Kelli Foster Warder’s top-notch choreography, Caryl Fantel ’s awesome music direction, and the dynamic Creative Team."

-  Jeanne Kinley Deller @ SeattlePockets

"Refreshingly, multi-talented director "Billie Wildrick ensures there is “nothing cute for cute sake” in the 5th Avenue’s 2018 holiday production. Wildrick and her creative team, including musical director Caryl Fantel, choreographer Kelli Foster Warder, and superb set designer Beowulf Boritt, replace “cute sentimentality” with a naturalistic approach. Wildrick is a whiz at directing kids, and she also surrounds some of the most talented adult actors in the Seattle area around them. The production is beautifully balanced."

- Dewey Mee @ Daily Record

"...the full overture launches the 5th Avenue Theatre's sparkling, heart on its sleeve holiday attraction into the stratosphere. It's one of the best damn musical productions I've seen in 30 years reviewing shows on Seattle stages... Billie Wildrick, who makes her 5th Avenue directorial without reinventing or trying to fix a show that ain't broken, and her (mostly local) cast offer a hand-picked candy box of delights throughout."

- David Edward-Hughes @ Talkin' BWay

“The struggle with Annie is she is such a cultural icon, presentations can easily feel satirical if her performance is too shiny and full of over the top gumption. Thankfully, under the apt direction of Billie Wildrick, Annie’s (Visesia Fakatoufifita, also Faith Young in other performances) acting is wonderfully authentic, subtle and heartfelt… The show moved at a brisk, whimsical, joyful pace that felt fresh and confident in the strength of the material.

- Doug Bursch @ The Moderate Voice

Crapshooter's ballet

Guys & Dolls

@Village Theatre

"...emotional, passionate and purely enthralling."

- Medium Magazine

"'s simply musical theater heaven. Director Billie Wildrick handles the many scenes and storylines impressively, and all the familiar music sounds just right under the direction of Julia Thornton. Great choreography by Nikki Long (love the take on "Take Back Your Mink") and set design by Steven Capone. And kudos to the hard-working ensemble.

- Seattle Spotlight

"'Guys and Dolls' at the Village Theatre is vibrant, sassy fun. Billie Wildrick is no stranger to “Guys and Dolls,” having played the role of Miss Adelaide to great acclaim in the 5th Avenue Theatre Production in 2011. Lately, Miss Wildrick has channeled her multi-talents toward directing. Last holiday season, her production of “Annie” at the 5th Avenue Theatre shimmered with magic. She invests “Guys and Dolls” with a similar sense of uplifting, high-spirits and humanity. “I hope it reminds people that coming at the world from wholly different perspectives can not only be a part of our most dear relationships, it’s downright essential in making our world go ‘round,” Wildrick said in an interview. “The show is all about chemistry. Discerning audience members can look for an exciting, vibrant feel in the color palette; (from scenic designer Steven Capone and costume designer Cathy Hunt) and an explosive, reactionary energy in the choreography (by Nikki Long) and performances.”

- The Daily Record

"I had the good fortune to attend a production of “Guys & Dolls” at the Village Theatre, directed by Billie Wildrick, whose expertise at directing “Annie” at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre, “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Seattle Musical Theatre, and “Kiss of the Spider Woman at Second Story Rep, among others, shines brilliantly in this quintessential musical comedy."

- Entertainment News NW

"Village Theatre puts on sensational ‘Guys & Dolls’ under the direction of regional theater favorite Billie Wildrick..."

- Everett Herald

"It’s an oldie but goodie, Guys and Dolls is! The almost three-hour musical classic is so good that you can examine it through and through and still probably can’t figure out what to cut to make it shorter. That’s class!

A splendid version is now at Village Theatre, helmed by stage vet Billie Wildrick who is making her name as a musical director more often these days. You might have seen Wildrick as Miss Adelaide at the 5th Avenue in 2011. Wildrick and choreographer Nikki Long have freshened the choreo elements so they are sharp, angled, in sync, and great fun.

- Seattle Gay News

"Director Billie Wildrick and the team at Village Theatre have created the perfect haven for those looking to lose themselves in the wonderful world of Guys and Dolls."

- Drama in the Hood


The Champagne Widow

@Café Nordo

"The show from Peachey, Workman and Wildrick is a vibrant piece filled with love. Not only the loves of the widows but the obvious love from the creators for the subject. The stories are beautifully weaved into a fantastical dreamlike tapestry, each getting their proper due and each containing all new songs from Workman that are beautiful and haunting. And Wildrick has whipped up the staging into a bubbly party giving the audience a raucous good time... With an all-female team leading the charge and telling the stories of these amazing women who succeeded in the face of and in spite of the men who would hold them back, the show is a celebration of everything that is female. And so, with my three-letter rating system, I give Café Nordo's "The Champagne Widow" a cork popped YAY+. I've seen and enjoyed many a show at Café Nordo but this one ranks up there as one of their absolute best! Go see it!!!" - Jay Irwin @ BWW

Wilysha Walton as Jesus

Jesus Christ Superstar

@Cornish College of the Arts

April 2019


Little Shop of Horrors

@Shoreline CC Theatre

“Fabulous new adaptation of this show. It's unique and charming and pulls the audience into the storyline very quickly. It's a MUST SEE experience and wouldn't be surprised to see this version repeated frequently in the future." - Goldstar audience review

“I can’t say enough about this production. It’s basically perfect!" - - Goldstar audience review

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" - Goldstar 


@ Sidecountry Theatre

"Director Billie Wildrick has immersed the audience into the playing area with seats all about the theater including right in the middle.... Wildrick and Sidecountry have crafted a fine piece with this one and done a solid job in getting this obscure tuner out there which is good since it'll probably be one of the few chances for audiences around here to catch it, and catch it they should." -BWW

"[Murder Ballad’s] plot is simple but sharp, and its stunningly performed and directed.
When things really work, they really, really work. And this is a ‘really, REALLY works’!

- Roger B.A. Klorese

"It’s a smart show that’s well directed by Billie Wildrick... Since it’s a Love Triangle show, I’ll also be a tad cliche and give Murder Ballad a hearty “thumbs up”. It’s provocative and sultry with a sexy score and strong performances." - Seattle Gay Scene


Mamma Mia!

@ The 5th Avenue Theatre

Director: Bill Berry
Associate Director: Billie Wildrick
Choreographer: Bob Richard
Music Director: R.J. Tancioco
Scenic Designer: Jason Sherwood
Lighting Designer: Mike Baldassari
Costume Designer: Rose Pederson
Sound Designer: Joanna Lynne Staub


@ Seattle Musical Theatre

“Seattle Musical Theatre's latest production Jesus Christ Superstar is a full-tilt, high-energy portrait of the last week of Jesus' life with a focus on his relationships. And it's all done with a non-stop vibrancy that leaves the audience inspired and standing for the final ovation.”  - Huffington post

“ this Seattle Musical Theatre production, director Billie Wildrick has imaginatively set the story in an indeterminate, post-apocalyptic future. The result is a story that doesn’t feel like it’s about something that happened long, long ago, but rather as something that could happen at any time... Wildrick clearly believes in this story as much more than a piece of theatrical artifice, and that integrity shows throughout the performance.”

- Jerry Kraft @

“After a lot of ups and downs in recent seasons, the pendulum swings way back up for Seattle Musical Theatre's production of the venerable 1970s Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, thanks to aces high and deeply felt direction by Billie Wildrick, canny and bursting with energetic athletic choreography by Troy Wageman.”  - David Edward-Hughes @ Talkin’ Broadway

Showtunes-The Unsinkable Molly Brown 104_preview.jpg

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

@ Showtunes Theatre Company

"Showtunes for the Love of Musicals presented a special staged performance of The Unsinkable Molly Brown with a four-piece band and eight, count ‘em, eight women playing the single character of Molly Brown. To celebrate the strong female character and give the audience a variety of perspectives, eight women of different ages were cast to play the lead character.
Because of the additional bodies on stage and so many of them devoted to one character, the show had a more ensemble feel to it than normal. We watched a thoughtfully arranged choreography of performers coming up to speak or sing, which led to a feeling of carefully controlled chaos and general excitement.
Every actor sang beautifully, every note delivered clear and true. The band had a terrific time and that could be heard in the playful, polished music they delivered. All in all, the show was performed beautifully and I only wish there were more production companies doing the same thing!"

Soon It's Gonna Rain 5 1.jpeg

Peanutty Goodness

@ Theater Schmeater

"This is a great summer cooler of a show with as usual funny and touching and tuneful Scott Warrender tunes and a cast that puts the fun in funny! May be a workshop but it's still one of the smartest shows in town!” - David Edward-Hughes

"Didn't get a chance to talk at all last night after show-- which by the way, I'm telling everyone "kicks ass and takes names" -- As you may gather I'm a fan... Kudos Billie for direction--- And I love the cast-- not only good voices but excellent performers... I'll stop gushing now…” - Doug Staley

"Everyone should go out and see "Peanutty Goodness" at The Schmee. Two more weeks. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. Fantastic work from everyone! “ - Erik Gratton

"Saw the show last night! Absolutely fantastic! Scott Warrender's humor and music is beyond compare and the direction and performances by the perfect cast left me in tears! My ______ got ________ed! Everyone should see this show!” - Jerry McGarity

"Last night I had the distinct pleasure of watching Scott Warrender's new musical "Peanutty Goodness" in workshop at Theater Schmeater, a theatrical experience that combines silliness, song and the occasional light touch of pathos into a compact evening of surreal comedy. Under the direction of that blonde force of nature Billie Wildrick the quintet of musical theatre talents worked suggestions from the audiences ala "Mad Libs" into a quirky tale of love gone wrong, revenge gone wronger, and getting what you want even when you're not sure what that is. There won't be any reviews of this show (it's a workshop) so you're only going to get the nod to check it out through word of mouth or Facebook raves like this one. Go. See. It.” - John Longenbough

“So much Peanutty Goodness! My stomach hurts! It felt great to laugh so hard...” - Maggie Stenson

Can't say enough great thing about this production. The only thing that took the smile off my face the whole time was breaking out into laughter. Amazing music and thoughtful lyrics by Scott A Warrender worked as the thread of for the hilarious story line. Awesome having him as the accompanist and watching him enjoying the show ~ that's different every night~ as much as the audience. Executed perfectly by a cast that were up to the challenge of the improve factor which was no small feat. Reminded me of the days back in Toronto at Second City with Gilda, Martin, John and the gang. Overflowing with talent. Shout out to Christine Noel Riippi who was the reason I was there. I'll be following your career. This ought to go the distance to Broadway. I hope someone who can help make it happen is reading this. Get out this week to see it. Only a few more performances left this week! Peanutty Goodness is really GOOD! - Julie Heller Varon


@ Second Story Repertory

"Esteemed Seattle actor/singer Billie Wildrick makes a promising directorial debut with this show. If you have never seen this fascinating musical before, SecondStory Rep's production is worth a trip, and if you know it from the Broadway version, this reimagined version will provide lively debate." - Talkin' Broadway


@ West of Lenin

"The week of June 18-23, a very new event pushed its new green shoots from the fertile ground of Seattle’s musical theater community and with the indomitable Billie Wildrick at the helm, Seattle’s “chapter” of the Mainstreet Festival of New Musicals became a reality.  

The idea of Mainstreet Musicals, as stated on their reflections page, is to allow draft musicals to be performed in readings all over the country to get exposure and get a chance to move forward to becoming fully produced. Launched in 2010, they evaluate musicals as submitted to them for eventual inclusion in these nationwide festivals. They choose three musicals to be produced as concert readings (the performers use scripts and music stands with a pianist and your imagination).

Thirteen localities chose to produce this year’s festival, one being Seattle. Seattle chose to do the three musicals provided, Under Fire, Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice and Merton of the Movies. In addition, they spiced up the events by adding a late nite cabaret and another local draft musical focused event, Pitch Sessions.

The pitch sessions were an opportunity for three more local musical drafts to be presented to an eager audience in 20 minute segments. Three musicals from local writers were described, sung from, and given their best foot forward to win a kind of “best pitch” award. Hopefully, all three of those nascent musicals felt support from the crowds, since all of them have great bones and unlimited possibilities.

Seattle / Mainstreet Festival of New Musicals was staged at Fremont's West of Lenin Theatre and finished off the journey with a final concert featuring all-Seattle talent performing pieces written by all-Seattle composers. While they and West of Lenin suffered an ignoble robbery from what was supposed to be a secure deck, landing their meager finances in even more disarray, the events themselves went swimmingly.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as too much musical theater development in Seattle. I applaud this effort, especially the inclusion of and encouragement of local musical writers to also present their work. Let Billie and her team know that you’d like to support her in doing this again!" - Miryam Gordan copy 2.png
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