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Seattle/Mainstreet Festival of New Musicals

Seattle / Mainstreet Festival of New Musicals will take over Fremont's West of Lenin Theatre, presenting three brand new musicals, three late-night trivia cabarets, an evening of pitch sessions for fresh, up-and-coming musicals; and a final concert featuring all-Seattle talent performing pieces written by all-Seattle composers!

Under Fire: Written by Barry Harman & Grant Sturiale
Based on the political thriller of the same name this musical takes place in the late 1970's in Central America and concerns the difficult choices journalists Russell (Jeff Orton), Claire (Naomi Morgan), and Alex (Terry Edward Moore) face when covering the insanities of wartime. Set in El Mirador, we are lead through two parallel stories by Pedro (Casey Raiha), meeting the region's dictator, Tacho (Nick DeSantis), Isela Cruz (Morgan Pate), the French Spy, Jazy (Michael Cimino), Oates & Hub (Danny Kam & Brian Lange) and Miss Panama (Jessica Low). With Cherisse Martinelli, Melissa Fleming, Dustyn Moir, Riley NeldamDavid Lewis, and Justin Carrell Wright. Stage and Music Direction by Mat Wright, with Brandon Peck assisting. In addition to piano (Orlando Morales), we're thrilled to add some Latin flair with Guitar (Josh Carter), and Drums (Chris Monroe). [Performances: June 18th & 21st @ 7:30p]

Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice: Written by Lindsay Warren Baker & Amanda Jacobs.
In this musical adaptation, the characters of Jane Austin (Michele Ankrim) and her sister Cassandra (Cayman Illika) re-read the story that will form the basis of her great novel of 18th Century life and manners, the characters come to life in the sisters' imaginations. With John Patrick Lowrie & Ellen McClain overseeing the Bennet household, including Elizabeth (Olivia Hartshorn), Mary (Julia Beers), Kitty (Cherisse Martinelli), Lydia (Rachel DeShon), and Jane (Chelsea LeValley). Also, Caroline (Jenny Shotwell), and Charles Bingley (Mike Spee). Darcy (Jared Michael Brown) and Georgina (Laura Medford) represent Pemberley, with Mr. Collins (Andrew Eric Davison), George Wickham (Matt Giles), The Gardiners (Terry Edward Moore & Karen Skrinde), and David CaldwellJustin Carrell Wright, and Dustyn Moir completing the ensemble. Directed by Billie Wildrickand Music Directed by Linda Dowdell. [Performances: June 19th @ 7:30p, June 22nd @ 11:00a]

Merton of the Movies: Written by Doug Katsaros & Donald Brenner.
Merton Gill, a naive store clerk (Josh Carter) arrives in Hollywood during the rollicking era of silent movies determined to be a serious dramatic actor. But an ambitious starlet, Flips (Taryn Darr) and a conniving director (Allen Fitzpatrick), hoodwink the lad into unwittingly becoming the newest Comedy Box Office Sensation! Filling out our hysterical ensemble: David Caldwell, Jared Michael BrownNick DeSantis, Andrew Eric Davison, Vickielee Wohlbach, Kirsten Helland and Chrstine Riippi. Directed by Kate Jaeger, Music Direction by Faith Seetoo with Brandon Peck assisting. [Performances: June 20th @ 7:30, June 22nd @ 3:00p]

Subscriptions and Single Tickets for the 6-day festival are on sale NOW:[]
$75-$90, $20 single tickets at the door and online,
$15 tickets for Late-Night 'Feed-the-Artist' Cabarets.

Seattle / Mainstreet Festival of New Musicals is produced by Billie Wildrick, with Paulette Buse Production Managing, Genevieve Barlow as Stage Managing, Josh Carter & Pauls Macs heading up the Late-Night Cabarets and Jared Michael Brown Marketing the event.

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