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Opal Peachey

The Champagne Widow

@Café Nordo

Written by: Opal Peachey

Directed by: Billie Wildrick


Opal Peachey: La Veuve

Alex Sturtevant: Juliet

Carol Louise Thompson: Barbe Nichole

Melanie Hampton: Louise Pommery

Kate Kraay: Perrier/Mathilde Laurent

Faith Howes: Lily Bollinger

Bo Mellinger: François/Henri

Ricky Spaulding: Bohne/Wine Fürer


Scenic Design: Terry Podgorski

Menu Design + Executive Chef: Erin Brindley

Composition + Music Direction: Annastasia Workman

Costume Design: Taya Pyne

Lighting Design: Dani Norberg

Sound Design: Evan Mosher

Properties: Indira Schlag

Assistant Set Design: Jordan Couper

Choreography: Nikki Long

Dialect: Katya Davida

Production Manager: Angelo Domitri

Stage Manager: Evan Price

"The show from Peachey, Workman and Wildrick is a vibrant piece filled with love. Not only the loves of the widows but the obvious love from the creators for the subject. The stories are beautifully weaved into a fantastical dreamlike tapestry, each getting their proper due and each containing all new songs from Workman that are beautiful and haunting. And Wildrick has whipped up the staging into a bubbly party giving the audience a raucous good time... With an all-female team leading the charge and telling the stories of these amazing women who succeeded in the face of and in spite of the men who would hold them back, the show is a celebration of everything that is female. And so, with my three-letter rating system, I give Café Nordo's "The Champagne Widow" a cork popped YAY+. I've seen and enjoyed many a show at Café Nordo but this one ranks up there as one of their absolute best! Go see it!!!" - Jay Irwin @ BWW

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