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Showtunes-The Unsinkable Molly Brown 002_preview.jpg

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

@ Showtunes Theatre Company

Directed by Billie Wildrick

Music Direction/Orchestrations by Nathan Young


Molly Brown: Suzy Hunt*

Molly Brown: Sarah Henley-Hicks

Molly Brown: Erin Hyatt^

Molly Brown: Bobbi Kotula*

Molly Brown: Katherine Strohmaier*

Molly Brown: Cassi Q. Kohl*

Molly Brown: Angie Louise*

Molly Brown: Vickielee Wohlbach*

Johnny "Leadville" Brown: Brian Pucheu

Shamus Tobin and others: Michael Cimino

Prince DeLong and others: Ethan Carpenter*

Christmas Morgan and others: Matt Lang

Mrs. McGlone and others: Ryan McCabe

Monsignor Ryan and others: Casey Raiha

Princess DeLong and others: Nate McVicker

Roberts and others: Nick Watson

Production Photos by Chris Bennion

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